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Forum Working Structures- Expression of interest


Hello and welcome to the Forum Working Structures - Expression of interest.

In November 2016, the Forum published its 'Payments Strategy for the 21st Century'. To ensure that this vision for Payments in the UK is delivered, the Payments System Regulator has asked the Forum to continue into 2017 to produce a detailed blueprint for implementation. As with the first phase of the Forum, the Working Groups will continue to be resourced by  individuals from the Payments Community, who have a wide range of expertise.

The Forum Strategy has proposed a number of solutions that will now need to be turned from vision to reality. In order to establish manageable and effective working groups, the Forum is asking the Payments Community to volunteer for two types of membership of the Working Group, where they can add value, expertise and resource. You can use this form to tell us which group and in which capacity you would like to be involved and we will endeavour to ensure that you are able to participate in this crucial work in the most appropriate way. Please note that the Forum will continue to send updates to the Payments community on the working groups so it is only necessary to become a member if you wish to contribute to the work.

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Survey progress: 16%